About me

Textile  Artist/Designer/Maker  – I dabble and make – mix up techniques – I draw, I stitch, I paint, I cut and rip, reassemble and do it all over again – fabric, papers and all those “paper fabrics” in between. I buy, I find, I stash, I touch, I think, I look and I collect daily finds and daily thoughts as I go along my way. I have done this always but now I want to fine tune things and discover my style so I have returned to study with OCA for a BA in Textiles. Here you will see that journey.

4 Responses to About me

  1. Paula Cumming says:

    It all looks so fabulously rich and professional – good luck with your learning journey, you are clearly very talented.

  2. iammessyme says:

    Thank you Paula for your kind words – much appreciated ! it is indeed a journey and one where I can learn about myself as well as my work. Its great fun !!

  3. robin508310 says:

    An “EXCELLENT” result Penni. I can only wish you all the best for the future.

  4. Thank you very much Robin, you’ve been looking on the student site haven’t you !? I appreciate your feedback, and do keep in touch as I would love to see how your work develops also !! Good luck with you assessment !!

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