Personal learning – experiments and ideas… Shibori effect with tissue paper

Completely by accident a bit of fabric had become stained with the dye from cheap tissue paper when I discovered my window had been leaking and the fabric beneath it had become damp…… but it gave me an idea.

I used a selection of overlapping sheets I different colours and rolled the sheet up and then folded it and secured it with string.,,,then the fun bit…I left in outside to get wet and dry out  as mother natured saw fit to allow the dye to leach out without any intervention from me. Great results too !! Similar to tie dye I suppose but there are some lovely dry dye textures to along with complete colour bleed.

The full length fabric sample....reminds me a little of Jo Budd's work

The full length fabric sample….reminds me a little of Jo Budd’s work

IMG_2035 IMG_2034 IMG_2033 IMG_2032 IMG_2031



Now the only thing I know this cheap tissue is not UV stable either  – its produced cheaply which is why the dye can leach out so easily. So I need to think further on to know what I can do with it to make it useable …I m going to try some further experiments with UV spray ( but might not be waterproof) and also find some UV or at least light reflective glass to see if that can help.

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