New Designers Graduate showcase London 29th June 2014

New Designers – Graduate showcase from the UK’s colleges and universities for Textiles, Fashion & Accessories, Contemporary Applied Arts and Jewellery. Business Design Centre London, 28th June.

IMG_0007 altered

Having just sent off my last and final assessment for this section I am starting to mentally prepare my work for the formal assessment in November. One of the suggestions in part 6 was to attend degree shows or even better the New Designers in London. How very timely as that coincided with me sending off my work !!

I attended this study visit as I wanted to see how textiles graduates introduced themselves and presented their work to the commercial side of the industry.  A very enjoyable day and best described as “intense” with 360 degrees of visual stimulation and inspiration. I particularly enjoyed the Applied Arts section and the One year On section as the work exhibited showcased the unique hand of each artist showing how they have developed their style of textile art to create pieces of textile art. Overall a good education in knowing where I stand as a student.

I also attended a talk at the end of the show presented by the founder of Arts Thread, an online network for creative artists with the aim to bridge the gap between new graduates and the industry. The talk focused on the benefits of Digital Marketing


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