PERSONAL PROJECT – OPTION 2 – Site Specific piece – Development of ideas 4 – Initial samples

Some initial ideas and samples. Working with dictionary pages and traditional techniques. Digital print samples and patchwork ideas.

I found an oldish aerial view map of The Bodleian Library on ebay which I thought would be great to scan and use as my image as a reference to the location. I had to take it to a specialist copy shop to scan as it was too big for my scanner and I also wanted to ensure the scan quality was good enough to print from digitally. At the same time I scanned a paper sample I had made using dictionary pages and machine stitched them to a patchwork grid pattern.  I then ordered some samples to test print quality on chosen fabrics and also to experiment with ideas.

Found map of The Bodleian Library

Found map of The Bodleian Library

Scan of dictionary pages

Scan of dictionary pages

My photograph of the ceiling in The Divinity School was manipulated in Photoshop for a digital print.

My photograph of the ceiling in The Divinity School was manipulated in Photoshop for a digital print.

final 2

Photoshop image to be printed onto recycled bottle paper fabric. I will use this in sections for the hexagonal patch work. I need to establish the right colours however to blend/match/complement the other colours as my printer colours were different to the digital print colour sample.


First sample to try out the light effects shining through the “laser” cut lines through the fabric on the other side. As The Divinity School has loads of light this should work well.



On the left some hexagon samples in fabric and waxed paper. On the right the dictionary page sample printed onto stiff translucent fabric and pleated. Book binder’s linen thread links them together nicely as if they were pages of the book. Very happy with these so far.


The map image printed onto scroll paper, the recycled bottle paper fabric and then to replicate laser cutting (as I don’t have this facility at home) I have used a soldering iron to cut lines to allow the light to shine through. I want to concentrate on the circle part of the design only so need to think about placing the image when designing the fabric for printing. Also need to think about the white reverse of this as the digital print company can not print on both sides so do I laminate it or paint on it ?

IMG_9706Two samples of smocking to see how it alters the design. I actually like the top one with really long lines but I’m doubtfull the structure will hold as the fabric is soft and suede like.

IMG_9704This is a better sample of the smocking technique as it has more structure. What I need to consider now is where the smocking starts and finishes. At the bottom the fabric is recessed and at the top the fabric is raised. As I want to have areas of flat design to laser cut I need to work this out mathematically.


Also how these ideas all tie up to make one coherent story.


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