PERSONAL LEARNING – WORKSHOP – Amanda Hislop – Mixed media sketchbooks for ideas


May 2014

Mixed media mark making workshop using a restricted pallette of colours using layering and abstractions techniques to create personal sketchbooks for future inspiration.

It’s interesting to me to see how I use workshops such as these to “let go” a little. I don’t design my textiles in the same way at all, perhaps I should or maybe I would if I was creating my own briefs but I appreciate the freedom of being expressive on experimental workshops. The focus for this was to use 2 colours, I chose Payne’s Grey (much softer than black) and Raw Sienna alongside black and white to create tones.  The substrate was randomly created with glued down tissue paper and marks were made in response to weeds in the garden using old credit cards and plastic off cuts.

My work was large scale and I didn’t really stop to think how I was creating the work I just enjoyed the sweeping action of painting.


6 of the 8 A2 sheets of mixed media – 2 I used to create the books.

6 of the 8 A2 sheets of mixed media – 2 I used to create the books.


Close up detail

Close up detail

The sheet was then folded and cut like this. This was my least favourite painting but it was transformed into something special when it was a book.







Both books together – same idea just folded and cut in different dimensions.

Although paint onto paper this could be achieved with similar effects onto fabric and then stitching applied. An idea I will return to.

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