Research for Critical review – book BORO – Rags and Tatters from the Far North of Japan


As part of my research for the critical review I have ordered and now received a new book from Japan.

Boro – Rags And Tatters From The Far North Of Japan Paperback.

( I have a copy of this book to sell  – currently listed on Amazon and is in mint condition as received when ordered. See link )

There’s very little published information, in fact there’s on two books that I have found so I’m very pleased I’ve sourced this one as they’re hard to come by. The book is based on an adaptation of 40 years of work and monograph by researcher Chuzaburo Tanaka and edited by  Yukiko Koide and Kyoichi Tsuzuki.

Boro book - a little gem !

Boro book – a little gem !

“On the northernmost tip of the main island of Japan an astonishing textile aesthetic has been operating for many years, called ‘boro (rags) stichery.’ Born out of desperate necessity, this intricate needlework has remained largely unknown because of its embarrassing associations with poverty, but can now also be explained as a loving frugality towards cloth and sewing techniques. In fact, if exactingly reproduced and labelled with designer tags, these rags could deliver haute couture prices. This fascinating publication presents a unique survey of these clothing and furnishing pieces that have been collected over many years and will in turn raise fundamental questions in fashion and design circles everywhere. Blankets, bags, diapers, trousers, futon covers, uniforms and traditional Japanese clothing are some of the items presented here, many in fine detail, accompanied by full colour photographs and historical and explanatory notes.”





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One Response to Research for Critical review – book BORO – Rags and Tatters from the Far North of Japan

  1. Sully_Monster says:

    Hello, thank you for this review..I wanted to ask you, the paragraph you posted above from the book, could you possibly give me the page number. thank you!

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