1 – Collect or create a collection of images to import into software in order to show textiles in

  • Interior space
  • Exterior space
  • Object
  • Figure

2 – Scan drawings/photography/scanned images from books or magazine – save a jpegs

3 – Consider

  • Narrative/atmosphere I wish to convey
  • Who “in situ” image might be aimed ( sympathetic to my designs)

At this stage I am a little unsure of which direction to go in when searching for suitable “models” to carry the designs as I feel they are very different is their target audience. One I feel is suitable for fashion, female fashion in particular and possibly even high end high street men’s fashion and the other I feel is suitable for interior design, particularly for soft furnishings aimed at the male customer. I will gather images appropriate for both at this point as the borrowed image might determine which path to take. Having discovered the complexities of extracting an image in a previous exercise I know I should be looking for a picture that contains strong bold shapes to import my designs successfully.

Fashion – things to look out for

  • Mail order catalogues ( Boden /White stuff) for interesting photo-shoots – good backdrops or no backdrop – either/or but nothing in between.
  • Strong model poses
  • Close up images of products
  • Female skirts/dresses
  • Male shirts
  • Sketches of model poses – will have to source these.


Interiors – things to look out for

  • Interior magazines (especially World of Interiors as their photo-shoots have an arty feel to them)
  • Bedroom spaces – male orientated or that could be manipulated to be male with fabric designs.
  • Living spaces – New York loft living / warehouse conversions’ etc.
  • Close images of quirky furniture / cushions.
  • Possibly related products – wallpaper / screens / flooring / crockery / wall panels


Update ……..




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