PERSONAL LEARNING – WORKSHOP – wax book and ceramics


I am still thinking about some experiments with stitch and waxed paper as I had mentioned in a Previous body of work and whilst searching for some ideas and information I came across this book published in America by a well known encaustic artist called Daniella Woolf. She has produced a book using encaustic wax with a lean towards textiles – very excited and can’t wait for it to arrive but I couldn’t get the DVD as it wasn’t compatible in the UK.

daniella woolf dvd and book

Editorial Reviews taken from (USA)

Daniella Woolf opened the door to encaustic from her perspective as a textile sculptor, and was forever changed. Beginners as well as advanced students will learn from her engaging and informative style, and may be inspired to expend their choice of materials and step into uncharted territory. This video covers numerous encaustic techniques in a way that is understandable, digestable and fun!

Next steps…..

At the same time as developing this idea I have it in the back of my mind to find a new (to me) way of working to develop my style as I know the next level will require me to concentrate on this. So in addition to the wax stitch paper I have also joined a Ceramics 10 week course to get a feel for different clays and ideas to see if this offers any scope for development. My ceramic experience started and ended at school with a grey sludge lop sided coil pot complete with finger prints so let see how different it can be now !!


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