EXERCISE – Your own archive

EXERCISE – Your own archive

BRIEF –  To look at the collection of images and create my own personal archive – thinking about themes and topics and how I might develop them further. Look at the work of other artists using a particular theme in a certain way.

(Textile “products” were mentioned in the brief in the form of a wall hanging which I tend not to consider for my artwork, preferring to work towards a design for print or as a stand-alone item of textile art but I felt I should compile a short list of textile items before I eliminated this option straight away. I now have this on my notice board for future reference.)

  1. Things to consider;
  • Visual appeal for inspiration
  • Meaning and emotional content
  • Any religious/ social/political or economic context
  • Environmental aspects
  • Choice of materials/ media/ techniques/ tools/ processes.
  1. Make a note of criteria for each choice and possibilities for either visual or conceptual work.
  1. Choose 4 – 6 themes

This was very time consuming but I understand why it needed to be done to create a valuable image bank of resource material to inspire the samples. I spent a fair amount of time scrutinising each image and asking myself “What can I get from this? Quite often the answer was nothing after the initial appeal as it felt a little flat to look at and of course the colours may have differed from the original as I am only looking at a photograph on my particular screen.

Eventually I had categorised my images into a comprehensive collection of MUSEUM THEMES ( with brief referencing as to where the image was seen should I need to view it again) and also IDEA THEMES using other artist work as inspiration ( something I am not very comfortable doing). I shall send these to the tutor on a DISK or MEMORY STICK at a later date.

I made notes on my reasons for selection in my learning log and also noted whilst doing this that there were many areas where they crossed over.

EXTRA – Textile products or items

  • Wall art – 3D pictures in a glass box frame
  • Wall art – fibre sculpture that is un mounted, like a square 3d piece.
  • Textile sculpture – anything that is bulky and 3D, table top or floor standing.
  • Installation – large scale work ( could be site specific so not removable or transferable to another site)
  • Cushions
  • Throws / Quilts
  • Bed linen
  • Table runner
  • Table cloth
  • Tea towels /oven cloths
  • Scarf
  • Book/journal cover
  • Lampshade
  • Bag – bag boxes
  • Pencil case / ipad bag etc
  • Jewellery  – necklace/ brooch
  • Clothes – oversized shirt / sarong/ boro style coat / kimono
  • Room screen – static on wood frame or as hanging divider.
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