Featured on OCA BLOG – an honour and feeling happy

After submitting my last assignment SUSTAINABLE TEXTILES (part 2 on Textiles 2) I was asked by the OCA if my work could be featured on the OCA blog. How delighted was I to be asked and naturally I agreed in an instant !!

Follow the link to see a video of the learning log ( sketchbook) and textile samples.

Video of work featured on OCA BLOG part 1

The part that appears here relates to Exercise – Reusing and recycling. Using waste materials for samples and transforming and adding value to such materials. As the whole section was on sustainable textiles I chose to use a waste by -product of the textile sari industry which also made a subtle reference to the way developing countries are still exploited to produce textiles. I felt the circular theme was poignant. and then there’s part two too !

Video of work featured on OCA BLOG part 2

This part features the hand and craft textiles – Indigo clamp resist and also the Biomimicry samples where I was inspired by nature and I used sketches of rock faces in Devon and Cornwall.

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