Personal Learning – Bacon/Moore exhibition and a fun time with Dionne Swift !

bacon 1

Along with my OCA studies 2 additional things that I have invested time in over the last 2 weeks are the Bacon / Moore ( or Moore Bacon  would have been more humorous!) exhibition at The Ashmolean exhibition in Oxford. Two artists with recognisable styles of working with the human form throughout the 50’s and 60’s with different media but interestingly having similarities with each other’s work. It was Henry Moore’s sculptures that really drew me towards this exhibition and I still very much like his style of work. Very interesting exhibition, no photos allowed sadly, but I did come away with a very obscure view of the human figure!! Exhibition runs until 14th January 2014.

bacon 2

Secondly I enrolled on an online workshop spanning two weeks but mainly concentrated into one with Dionne Swift called Developing Sketchbooks. I keep sketchbooks already but I have noticed they have become very formal recently as they are a way of documenting my work and progress with exercises and research and less about creating patterns and textures and just experimenting to see where the journey takes me. The link is below for the next one and others, I feel sure will follow on from this.

It was a lot of fun and I haven’t even finished it yet as I became so absorbed in the ideas that were being suggested via the daily videos that I just “took the idea and ran away with it” – my book no longer closes as it has so many pages and is close to resembling a semi-circular Rolodex !! Photos to follow but I must stress this is a sketch book for me to refer back to , to alter and play with further and not a finished well presented artist book, it’s a working sketchbook. Great fun and idea for loosening up!


UPDATE – I have now uploaded pictures of some of the pages.


UPDATE – I have now uploaded pictures of some of the pages.


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