EXERCISE – Create a database

BRIEF ; Using the internet and online collections worldwide to gather images and create a database.

Q – Are there any particular themes emerging? Could these images inform or inspire future work.

I have searched through various online museum and gallery collections to gather images and without the restriction of looking for a particular subject I have downloaded images for no other reason than I simply liked them. Images include fragile historical textile remnants, tribal textiles and more to contemporary images from artists and ceramics with some quirky items in-between that captured my imagination.  I thought I would roughly categorise them so see where my subconscious interests lay and was quite surprised that they weren’t as random as I thought.  I am drawn to the fragility and textural qualities of old textiles, particularly Coptic samples and I can see that I am also drawn towards the ceramic marks and surfaces from both historical and contemporary ceramics.  There is also a pull towards more graphic and bold images as can be seen by the tribal textiles and artefacts and also photographs of artefacts from various cultures and times. I suspect that I am drawn to the graphic element of these items as subconsciously know I can use as a motif to develop ideas for a print design.  This, either a habit or training, I don’t know which, I have tried not to do but find it hard to avoid when only  looking at pictures, a 2D image of a 3D object, rather than primary source material.  I’m inclined to believe that if I was sketching from primary source material in a museum my attention would probably be drawn to other things as I could focus in on an object more intently and see other qualities rather than just a flat image.  To answer the question, some of these images could inspire and inform future work but only as a starting point to direct further research.

It is also worth mentioning that I have my own “image bank” and I work in this way already. I keep images on my laptop in categories (downloaded but also my own photographs) and also I have image/inspiration boards on Pintrest.

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