RESEARCH POINT – Annie Leonard – The story of stuff.

BRIEF – Watch the video  – Annie Leonard – The story of stuff.

Had to watch this a couple of times to take it all in but also because it was so interesting ! Some key points and the video link as below.

  • Extraction
  • Production
  • Distribution       All of this is called “materials economy”
  • Consumption
  • Disposal
  • Extraction – fancy word for trashing the planet. Cutting / mining/landing/trashing = running out of resources and we are just using too much stuff.
  • Planned  obsolescence – made to be useless quickly, dispose of it and buy again.
  • Perceived obsolescence – convinces us to throw away stuff that is still perfectly useful. Fashion is a good example of this.
  • Disposal – landfill / incinerator – consequences of this. Pollution of air/water/land. The incinerator is the biggest source of dioxcin – the most toxic manmade substance known to man.

There are so many points of interaction;-

  • Saving forests
  • Looking into cleaner production methods
  • Working for labour rights
  • Fair trade
  • Conscious consumer

“When people along this linear system ( our current one) become united we can change it into a system that doesn’t waste resources or people”

  • Green chemistry
  • Renewable energy
  • Zero waste
  • Local living economies

Below is the video link

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