RESEARCH POINT – Market research for 2 fabrics

BRIEF – Research 2/3 natural or man-made textiles in terms of marketing – where/to whom/price variants.

I gathered information from the internet using individual searches and also the various resource sites that have direct links with manufactures and factories overseas, mainly Asia where you can buy from the factory floor at a reduced cost per metre.
These are websites with numerous factory and manufacturers details. Generally speaking the companies listed here are looking to sell to the trade at high volume with a low cost per metre price. I tried myself to buy something and they were willing to sell to me (I was after some Raffia fabric x 10m) but it became too complex with banking transactions. for fabric and related products from India
I have decided to research 2 natural fabrics with contrasting qualities being
• Silk organza
• Hemp
I chose these fabrics as I felt they were contrasting in their target audience as well as qualities. The Silk organza I researched for myself recently as I wanted to buy some to make some hand crafted gifts for Christmas presents and I struggled to find something that was actually silk and not “faux silk” but also the price varied wildly.
The hemp is a little different and I have chosen this as it is gaining popularity due to its environmentally sound benefits and it appears not to be available on the high street as yet.
Silk organza £11.50 per metre. 137cm. 100% silk.
Supplies to textile designer/makers and individuals interested in textile arts.
Marketed through associated magazines like Embroidery through the Embroidery Guild and at associated shows – Knit and Stitch for example.
By contrast just searching on the internet a fabric that is very similar (I have compared samples) is available through a specialist on line bridal fabric shop is over twice the price at £30 per metre. The price becomes less depending on volume.
Silk organza cut length (per metre under 10m) £30 per metre -less depending on volume.
140cm. 100% silk.
Full roll (45m) £24 per metre
Part roll (10m) £27 per metre
Their client base I would assume from the suggestion that someone might buy 45m and cut lengths down to 1m is probably trade fashion designers and retail clients looking for Bridal Gown fabrics. I rather suspect the price is somewhat inflated because of the wedding connection.
Researching further I found a company that supplies to silk painters and their silk organza is an incredible £6.99 per metre.
Silk Organza £6.99. 100% silk. 115cm wide. Ref 11
Marketed online and appeals the silk painters and other similar craft disciplines.
I can’t compare the quality of this product to the wedding dress fabric but both claim their fabric is 100% silk but the variation in price depending on client base is really interesting to see.
My second fabric is Hemp. There are 2 main on line suppliers of hemp in the UK being
This Devon based company have an amazing range of hemp fabrics ranging from the expected rough woven type of hemp cloth to more soft draping hemp fabrics for clothing. I was very impressed with this selection and so ordered some fabric swatch books as I feel sure I would use this supplier in the future. Their business is internet based and I was very interested to read they have some fabrics available in the EARTH STORE at Somerset College of Arts and Technology in Taunton which is where I completed my HND in Textile printing some 25 years ago! They also sell through HEMP IN AVOLON in Glastonbury so a fabric very much appealing to those who believe “in harmony with nature”
The second hemp supplier is also based in the South West of the UK and promotes the health benefits of hemp products alongside hemp fabrics. Their focus is clearly on the sustainability of hemp as a product against the less eco-friendly cotton. They are appealing the like-minded individuals who are looking for alternative fabrics to use in fashion and interiors. Again a good selection of hemp and hemp mixed fabrics at fair prices.

hemp samples

silk organza samples

apologies for wrong orientation !!??

link to one of the import sites I used to compare prices

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