…finished it !

Some time ago I attended a work shop run by Janet Edmonds, with the focus of producing lots of patterned repeated pages for a sketchbook. They were intended for machine embroidery patterns but that’s not the kind of work that I produce so I simply had fun creating and playing with colour. Working with acrylic and handmade stamps, or found items only,  we created lots of pages.  The colour combinations are a little unusual I agree but we were encouraged to think bright so we weren’t so restricted in any way.  I came away with multiple pages and did what we all do, put them to one side to finish off another day. Well that day came.  I have finally assembled and rearranged them into this book. The second stage was to further embellish with lines to represent stitching and beads etc but I am happy with the way they are just now. Patterns books.

The course was based on JE’s book from PRINT TO STITCH if you want to have a go yourself!

6 5 4 3 2 page selection 1 stamps







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