MUSEUM VISIT – Cotswold Woollen Weavers, Filkins, Oxfordshire.


A traditional wool weaving museum

Recently I  visited a museum that I have been meaning to visit for years. I live within a stone’s throw of Cotswold Woollen Weavers and I’m ashamed to say I have never been before. Mainly due to time and other constraints but it seems appropriate to visit as a way of learning more about Traditional Fabrics. CWW is situated in beautiful honey coloured stone buildings dating back to the 18th Century in the village of Filkins. There is a wool/weaving textile museum, design studio, mill shop (for gorgeously tactile wool throws etc) and a coffee shop (of course!!)
The museum is small but stacked full of fascinating artefacts that have been collected and displayed over the years to demonstrate how wool processing and weaving were once a very important part of country life and English Heritage in general. The traditional looms are still present but sadly are no longer used but the smell of wool and loom oil lingers in the air. I was totally charmed by this little museum as it made me realise my appreciation for old traditional skills and my love of things within my home that are individually made and not mass produced and shipped over from foreign lands.

2 old loom
Old loom,no longer working but looks impressive.


4 yarn
Baskets of used items from back in the day.

5 showing the stages of wool processing from raw to to loom state woven wool
Display showing the processing of wool from raw fleece to loom state wool.

6 old pattern reference books

7 woven throws
Beautiful old chunky leather bound pattern books and wonderful woollen throws in handmade crafts shop.

Here is the link to their website  but it is certainly worth a visit if you are in the area as they have some fascinating items there to explain the history of wool weaving. It’s free to visit too !!!

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